Tips for buying of used goods

Groups of sale on,,, and many other ad portals provide a useful opportunity to purchase various goods much cheaper than in the store. Despite the fact that this alternative allows you to save, before you pay for the thing you like, pay attention to a number of valuable tips that will help avoid disappointment and fraud.

Tip 1: Meet with the seller in a safe place. First, it is not recommended to come to the seller’s home in order to buy any thing. Undoubtedly, there are exceptions when you plan to purchase furniture or plumbing, but even then you should never meet one-on-one. In other situations, always try to make an appointment in a public place.

Tip 2. Before you buy, check. In this case, it is not only about the product that you want to buy, although in some cases it is recommended, for example, when buying clothes or shoes. Such products are definitely recommended to try on. But, besides this, you should check the seller himself: if he lives in your region, whether there are many friends in the social network profile (a small amount is a bad sign), whether the person has a profile picture, whether there are any complaints about this seller.

Tip 3. Conduct research about a particular product. This is a kind of homework that you should always do when buying a used item. Try to find information about the same, but a new thing or a similar model. This will allow you to understand whether the required price is adequate. For example, if the product was not in use and still in the package, it should still be cheaper than in the store. In turn, second-hand goods or goods with defects should be even cheaper. For fast and high-quality money transfer, use the reservation number option from Capital One.

Tip 4. Require evidence. This advice is given by many people who have bought used goods. In order to check what you are buying, ask the seller for proof. First, a few photos of the product, from different angles and close-ups. In addition, you can ask to photograph a receipt for the purchase, labeling or labeling of the goods and confirmation of the guarantee.

Tip 5. Do not do business with unreliable vendors. People selling different things sometimes change the price. For example, they increase it, having noticed a great demand for goods, or indicate in correspondence one, and when meeting another amount. Think about whether to deal with this person.

Tip 6. Consider whether you can afford to purchase a specific product. Despite the fact that second-hand goods are cheaper than new ones, you still have to part with a certain amount. Therefore, always consider whether you really need this thing and whether you can afford it.