Principle of scarcity

Among marketers, there are many tricks that help companies make more and more money. Fortunately or unfortunately, buyers are mostly driven to these tricks without thinking and increasing corporate income.

Let’s talk about the so-called “principle of scarcity.”

The essence of this trick was as follows. Suppose the seller thought that a couple were interested in a particular product. There is a mass of signs of interest shown to the product – a careful study of the device and instructions to it, a discussion of the qualities of this device. However, if the buyers did not make a decision, they, as a rule, do not try to find a seller to get more detailed information from him.

Having found a pair that is interested in the product, the seller can come up and say: “I see that you are interested in this model. This is not surprising, because it is an excellent device, and the price is right. But, unfortunately, I sold this item to another couple not more than twenty minutes ago. And, if I’m not mistaken, such models are no longer in our warehouse. ”

Buyers, of course, are frustrated, which is reflected in their faces. Due to lost accessibility, a thing suddenly becomes even more attractive in their eyes. Usually, one of the buyers asks if there is even the slightest chance that one such model accidentally remained unsold. “Well,” the seller admits, “I can verify this.” I correctly understood that you need this particular model and that you are satisfied with its price?”

This issue is crucial. The seller uses the principle of deficiency and invites buyers to commit themselves to buy the device exactly when this device seems the least accessible – and, therefore, the most desirable. Many buyers actually agree to buy the item that interests them at such a moment. Thus, when the seller returns and reports that an additional batch of these devices has been found, he already has a pen and a contract form ready. The message that the required product is available in sufficient quantities may make some buyers find it less attractive. But by this time it goes too far – and most people can no longer change their word.

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Before agreeing to the tricks of the consultants, consider: Do you really need this product?